Friday, January 12, 2018

Painted Hutch

I painted the hutch and yet again failed to take a before picture. This time it's because I thought I would use the before picture from the microwave stand and then realized it was only the bottom. Anyway, you can see what it looked liked like in the decor picture from Christmas.
I painted it in Whipple Blue from Benjamin Moore. I used the Advance paint in matte finish. I love this paint. It's what I used on the kitchen cabinets. It's not chalky, but it's not shiny either. I removed the doors because they blocked most of the space on top and I filled in the extra adjustable shelf holes and the metal lock things that hold it together. I think it gives it a higher end feel.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Little Painting Project

So right before Christmas I decided I had to paint the microwave stand with my kitchen cabinet paint since I have so much extra leftover. You know I'm terrible at taking before pictures and I failed to again. Luckily, the hutch is the same thing on the bottom (minus the new knob and the color swatch, more on that later).
I really like how warm it looks now and I love the simple black knobs. The hardest part is letting this paint dry in between coats, but it comes out smooth and almost professional looking.

Monday, November 20, 2017


I made my husband this sweater. It's only my second sweater and I hate making them, but this one came out pretty good.

New Shelf

I loved this shelf so I got it and then had to reconfigure my dining room wall to set it up, but it's worth it. It looks great over my faux fireplace and I can't wait to decorate it for each season.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Faux Fireplace

I saw this faux fireplace in a magazine and I loved it. I ripped out the page and figured we could make it later, but then it was on sale and had free shipping so I just ordered it.

Kitchen Window Sill

As I was looking for kitchen cabinet inspiration, I found someone's kitchen that had the window sill decorated for Christmas and I loved it so much I got some stuff to do mine. I also got the stuff for Fall.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kitchen Cabinets

I've thought about painting my kitchen cabinets for a couple of years, but I always chickened out because I didn't want it to look too DIY. I'm glad I waited because Benjamin Moore just came out with Advance paint in matte finish and it was exactly what I wanted. No brush lines or roller marks. Aside from a few blemishes it looks almost professional. I love them! I'm super bad at taking before pictures, so those have wallpaper in them still, but you're just looking at the cabinets anyway.